About Us

Building a bathroom in a basement is a daunting task and one that most people avoid, either because it is too expensive or too complicated. The Lift Assure brand was created to introduce an easy and cost effective way to construct a basement bathroom toilet for the DIY consumer so that you can install a bathroom toilet anywhere you need it without worrying about the costs of a contractor or the complications of installing new plumbing.

Traditional toilets use gravity to help pump waste which works fine when there is plumbing to pump into below the toilet. However, there is usually no plumbing below the basement which means that a professional would have to dig into the foundation to install new plumbing to accommodate a traditional toilet. This method can be very expensive and complex and should only be performed by a professional. In order to bypass both of these issues, we at Lift Assure created our special macerating toilets. Their unique designs forces waste to flow upwards and connect to an existing plumbing system thus eliminating the need for a professional and allowing for an easy DIY installation.