About the Lift Assure Bathroom System

?The Lift Assure Bathroom System is a complete solution for basement bathroom additions. The heart of this plumbing advancement is a 3 port input macerating waste water processing mechanism. This device will take waste, process it instantly into a liquid state and then pump it to an existing house waste line. This processing pump system allows you to add a bathroom anywhere by tying into existing plumbing, even if it is being added below the existing plumbing.

The Lift Assure macerating waste processing system has 3 input ports. One port is specially designed for the rear discharge toilet included in the kit. The other two side ports are for a bathing unit and a sink. The side ports can be closed off and not used if the bathroom will only be a half ­bath. This unique design allows all the waste water from the three components of a full bath to have one outlet point and be pumped up to the waste line of the house. The bathroom system macerating pump is 120 Volts and plugs into any household outlet without the need for a dedicated circuit or electrician. The system comes with flexible multi­size inlets complete with pipe clamps.

The challenge with adding a bathroom, especially in a basement finishing project, is getting waste to the plumbing system in the house. If you use a standard toilet in a basement bathroom, the waste water has to flow down. Downward flow in most cases, means breaking through a concrete foundation. Breaking concrete and running plumbing is a project only for highly trained professionals and is very expensive. This bathroom system allows you to install a bathroom anywhere your space allows with our easy DIY product.