Lift Assure American Macerating Pump and Round Toilet Kit

The space saving round seat toilet is for those that have limited space for their addition. At a depth of 24 inches for the toilet, a minimal room will be taken up if the macerating wastewater processing mechanism is placed in the wall. A bowl height of 15 3/4 inches takes into account the shorter depth to allow for more legroom.

All Lift Assure toilets are built from white ceramic, giving this unit increased durability and a shinny finish. The lids have a soft closing hinge that prevent the lid from slamming while prolonging the life of the toilet seat. Additional feature are an easy to access lever flush handle and the included macerating pump with built-in backflow protection.

The sink and shower or bathtub can be any style or brand that you desire. There are no special requirements for plumbing purposes. For the sink, the pipes after the trap will be directed down to the macerating water processing system through simple angled couplings. A tub or shower will always require a bottom drainage system so the shower should be built up a 3 ½ inches above grade (floor level) and have the bottom drain directed at an angle to the pump. The pump is capable of moving 3.85 gallons of water per minute, more than enough to handle most shower-heads which typically have a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Product Specifications
Power Supply  120V
Input Ports
Duty Cycle 3.85 gpm, 10 foot lift,
1 hr. on, 45 min. off 
Frequency 60Hz
Toilet Material Ceramic
Flush Type Lever Flush
Color White
Toilet Depth 24 in.
Bowl Height 15 3/4 in.
Wattage 800W