1.What are the dimensions for the macerating toilet?

The bowl height is a comfortable 15 3/4"inches high and bowl is a standard US Elongated Bowl and has an overall depth of 27"。

2.What is the size of the discharge pipe?

The size of discharge pipe from the macerator pump is recommended to be 1".

3.How does it work?

The mechanism is based on 3 input ports. One of the ports is designed for the rear discharge toilet while the other two side ports are for the bathing unit and for the sink. Upon flushing the toilet a suction draws the waste into the macerating unit. As the waste enters the pump a blade grinds the waste which is then pumped vertically up into the discharge pipe and out into the main waste line, most importantly you never have to break the concrete floor.

4.Why does it have 3 input ports?

The 3 input ports mechanism allows all the wastewater from the three components to have one outlet point and be pumped up to the waste line of the house. In case of a half-bath,side ports can be closed off and not used. Also,the 2 inlet port can provide greater versatility allowing sink and bathing to go left or right of the toilet or split one for each side.

5.How much voltage is required for macerating toilet mechanism?

The macerating pump runs at 120 Volts and can be powered by a standard bathroom 120-volt outlet

6.Does it require a special circuit?

It does not require a special circuit and can be plugged into any GFl (ground fault interrupt)outlet common in all bathrooms &kitchens, GFl, receptacles are important when using any appliance around water

7.What is the main advantage of macerating toilets?

It is a cost-effective bathroom system that allows you to install a bathroom anywhere in your space with our easy DIY product

8.How is this different from a standard basement toilet?

A basement toilet is another name for a macerating toilet,Lift Assure has a larger motor and cutter blades to prevent clogs.

9.What is the motor wattage of the macerator?

The motor wattage of the macerator is 800W the most powerful on the market with 1+horsepower.

10.Does it comply with the plumbing code in your state?

To ensure compliance with the local plumbing codes and regulations,we strongly recommend confirming the specific requirements with the relevant authority in your area.Plumbing codes can vary from county to county and it is essential to adhere to the guidelines applicable to your specific location.